Weight & Body Update + 2018 Goals

Hello friends!

I’m coming up to my year anniversary from when I started using potatoes as my weight loss weapon, and because I haven’t posted a body update in a couple of months, I figured I am overdue!

On February 1st ,2017 I embarked on a new journey. One that fired up my passion for potatoes and ultimately lead me to writing The Potato Reset Weight Loss & Recipe Guide (get 20% off with the code HOTPOTATO.)

I haven’t been just eating potatoes and vegetables this whole time. I’m not perfect, I have slipped up here and there on processed foods but I’m 1000x better than I used to be. When I’m not hosting a challenge in my Facebook group, or intentionally doing a Potato Reset, I include other whole plant foods such as fruit, rice, beans and lentils.

I keep my diet as SOS free as possible (salt, oil and sugar free) and I’ve continued to lose weight. I find that my progress is faster when I eat just potatoes and vegetables. Variety, even when healthy, can cause some people to overeat.

Check out my latest body update and 2018 goals here:

I got through it…

 In my 20’s I went on a backpacking hiking/canoe trip with a girlfriend and we were totally PUMPED!  That excitement faded within minutes of canoeing through the first lake – my arms were already tired! But I got through it. The next challenge was carrying the canoe and all our heavy bags through a 1 mile portage… Read More