The Best Exercise for Weight Loss

I’m not a scientist, guru, doctor or any type of expert – I just know what has and hasn’t worked for me. In my experience, food is the number one factor in weight loss success and exercise is secondary. I now focus on eating right for weight loss and exercising for mental health.

My weight loss is most successful when I’m eating a potato-focused whole foods plant based diet paired with walking. Just 20 – 40 minutes a day with enough effort to get my heart rate between 100-125 bpm. Walking is easy on the body and not likely to cause injury, making it sustainable. It’s easy for almost anyone to do and it doesn’t require special equipment. If the weather isn’t walk-friendly, there’s always mall-walking.

I absolutely love strength training but it tends to increase my appetite and I have a harder time finding that balance of calories in vs calories out. I still want to make this work because the benefits of strength training are incredible and I truly feel at home lifting weights, it’s my meditation. I’ll be working on this in the coming months, if you’re interested in hearing more about this let me know.

For now, I know what works well for me when I want to shed some unwanted fat: potatoes for satiety, veggies/fruit/legumes for variety and walking for exercise.

Because I’ve been slacking in both the food and exercise departments I am kicking things up by hosting my first StepBet. I’ve joined some StepBet’s in the past and found them to be very motivating because I hate losing money. It’s like paying a coach for motivation except that if you do what they say, they give you your money back and possibly more. Don’t let the “Bet” part of the name fool you, it’s not a gamble – you are simply betting on yourself that you will do the assigned daily steps. Click here for more info.

The one and only spud-loving StepBet: Tater Trot with Potato Wisdom.

If you already have the StepBet app downloaded, you will find my game by searching Potato Wisdom or using the game code: potatowisdom.

This is also a fantastic way to show the world how amazing this lifestyle is. Random people who regularly participate in StepBets will see this potato-lady who lost 100 lbs eating potatoes. If I can help one person realize the magic of a whole foods plant based diet, it’s a win!

I hope to see you there!
love & spuds,

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