Crispy Mashed Potato Fries

These are one of my favourite ways of preparing potatoes. They are oh soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. They remind me a little of those hash brown patties from a fast food breakfast menu – without the oily mess. Both air fryer and oven cooking methods are included in the instructions.… Read More

Proutons (Potato Croutons)

These are perfect for salads, soup or snacking! If you’re wondering how long these will store, don’t bother. I guarantee you will eat them up before you even have a chance to put them in a container. These cheesy tasting croutons are especially perfect for tomato soup. They stay crispy for longer than crackers but… Read More

Broccoli Potato Tots

Warning: you will want to eat them all! If you are willing to share, be sure to make a side dish or pair with a large salad. Have you ever had a Tater Tot salad? These bite sized pieces make a fantastic salad topping. It will satisfy the big-kid in you. p.s. It’s 100% okay… Read More