Weight & Body Update + 2018 Goals

Hello friends!

I’m coming up to my year anniversary from when I started using potatoes as my weight loss weapon, and because I haven’t posted a body update in a couple of months, I figured I am overdue!

On February 1st ,2017 I embarked on a new journey. One that fired up my passion for potatoes and ultimately lead me to writing The Potato Reset Weight Loss & Recipe Guide (get 20% off with the code HOTPOTATO.)

I haven’t been just eating potatoes and vegetables this whole time. I’m not perfect, I have slipped up here and there on processed foods but I’m 1000x better than I used to be. When I’m not hosting a challenge in my Facebook group, or intentionally doing a Potato Reset, I include other whole plant foods such as fruit, rice, beans and lentils.

I keep my diet as SOS free as possible (salt, oil and sugar free) and I’ve continued to lose weight. I find that my progress is faster when I eat just potatoes and vegetables. Variety, even when healthy, can cause some people to overeat.

Check out my latest body update and 2018 goals here:

2 thoughts on “Weight & Body Update + 2018 Goals

  1. My goals are improving my flexibility, balance, and strength. I’m doing this through hitting the gym for classes, lifting weights, doing yoga, and like you, being intentional with how I eat and how I spend my time.

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