I got through it…

In my 20’s I went on a backpacking hiking/canoe trip with a girlfriend and we were totally PUMPED!  That excitement faded within minutes of canoeing through the first lake – my arms were already tired! But I got through it.

The next challenge was carrying the canoe and all our heavy bags through a 1 mile portage to get to the next lake – it was hell!! I grumbled most of the way but I got through it.

There were bears, bugs, spiders, no toilets, no running water and because we were in a protected park we could not use soap to wash up in the lake. But it was one of the most beautiful places I had ever been. After the rain it smelled like someone opened a giant bottle of the best smelling shampoo on the planet.

Through the dirt, fear, exhaustion and pain I experienced beauty. I want this to be YOUR story, the story of your health journey.  Think of a situation where you went through something difficult and got through it and use that same inner strength to change whatever habits you need to in order to improve your health.

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3 thoughts on “I got through it…

  1. You’re days away from your one year anniversary of starting potato diet. Can you give an update?

    Robert & Lynn
    Sacramento, CA

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