How many potatoes a day can I eat for weight loss?

Chili Cheeze Fries, The Potato Reset

After the initial question “I can eat potatoes and lose weight?? WHAT?!,” the next one is “How many potatoes can I eat?.” The second question is tricky because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.

Here’s the thing: potatoes come in many sizes, so giving you a potato-count wouldn’t help. Besides that, everyone’s caloric needs are different and fluctuate day-to-day, depending on activity level. 

If you are embarking on your potato journey, you probably want to know how many pounds of potatoes to buy for your first week.  I suggest buying a 10 lb bag of potatoes a week or two prior to your official start date.

Try some potato recipes throughout the week and see how many meals that ten pound bag lasts you. If it lasts you 5 meals, you’ll know you eat about a pound of potatoes per meal. Some of my favs that are in The Potato Reset – Recipe & Weight Loss Guide: Broccoli Tots, Nacho Cheeze Fries, Hash Browns and Bombay Potatoes.

The key here is to eat until you feel comfortably full. Your tummy should feel satisfied and without discomfort. 

How Many Potatoes I Ate For Weight Loss: 
I ate approximately 4 pounds of potatoes a day when I was doing the SpudFit plan (potato-only diet) and approximately 3 pounds of potatoes a day when did The Potato Reset (potatoes and veggies). I didn’t have any rules for what time I ate or how often, I simply ate when I was hungry.

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