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I’m leading 30 people through a 28-day group Potato Reset experience January 15th - February 11th. Read on to learn why and how you can enroll (space is limited!).

  • Are you tired of constantly craving junk foods?
  • Do you want to break free from feeling controlled by your next meal?

  • What if you could finally feel hopeful and excited about your health and your body?  

  • Do you want to lose weight without feeling deprived?

  • Sick of calorie counting?

I wanted all of these things and more when I was in my early thirties and struggling with eczema, gallstones and severe hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto’s disease. But it took nine more years before I discovered the key to getting well again. That key was The Potato Reset. It wasn’t until I reset my taste buds and kicked food addiction to the curb that I started feeling better.

In February 2017, I only ate potatoes with minimal fat-free sauces for an entire month. As a result, I lost 8 pounds, diminished junk food cravings and reset my taste buds. Since then I’ve lost 30 pounds eating mostly potatoes with non-starchy veggies and inspired many others to do the same. 

I’m certainly not perfect—but I can manage my cravings now, which has been more empowering and freeing than I ever could have imagined. And as a result of sharing my journey online and publishing my Potato Reset eBook, I have a vibrant community of over 16,000 Potato Resetters on Facebook. I love helping these individuals experience the same wins I have had through the Potato Reset program.

But there’s something to be said about working with a smaller group of people, which is why I’ve launched The Potato Reset: Guided Group Coaching Intensive. The Potato Reset isn’t just about food (although it’s incredibly delicious and easy!), it’s about the systems at work in our minds. And sometimes it’s much easier to heal those systems in a smaller group setting.

If you’re someone who wants more hands-on support and attention during my 28-day Potato Reset program, I hope you’ll consider joining me and 30 of your fellow health seekers for this experience. 

Remember, the prep time for the program is the weekend of January 13th and the program officially starts on Monday, January 15th and runs through February 11th. 
The cost of the program is $249 per person and includes everything described below. If you have any questions, email me at

The Guided Group Coaching Intensive includes:

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    The Potato Reset eBook (packed with education & delicious recipes)
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    One-on-one 15-minute introductory video call with me  
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    Unlimited email support to give you one-on-one attention
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    Dedicated private Facebook group where you can get to know your fellow resetters, share challenges and accomplishments, and get answers to your questions
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    Weekly group video calls (Tuesdays at 9pm EST / 6pm PST) with me to answer all of your questions and give you an extra level of support
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    Daily emails from me to guide you every step of the way
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    Printable checklist to keep you on track with the program essentials each day
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    Printable calendar to keep you grounded at-a-glance!

The Potato Reset: Guided Group Coaching Intensive is for people who are ready to:

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    Commit and stick with the program for 28-days
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    Show up for calls and fully participate in the Facebook community
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    Experience a-ha moments and understand the difference between hunger and cravings 
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    Support others and cheer them on along the way
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    Shop and cook the food in the program
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    Lose weight, feel fantastic, gain energy and accomplish their goals

Remember, the prep time for the program is the weekend of January 13th and the program officially starts on Monday, January 15th and runs through February 11th. 
The cost of the program is $249 per person and includes everything described above. If you have any questions, email me at

What people are saying

Kathryn Kubala


Jeannine knows potatoes and she knows what works! The Potato Reset coaching program is great for those that want support and accountability. The weekly group coaching sessions were convenient and helped me stay on track. I really liked the private Facebook group too. I hit a weight loss milestone  that month and it was all because of Jeannine and potatoes! I highly recommend this program if you’re serious about weight loss or just getting those cravings in check.

Kay Jones


Last summer I really needed accountability to stay on the potato diet and stop my night time snacking habit for 30 days and it really helped me to stick to the plan. I would recommend Jeanine for group coaching. She was very encouraging!



Jeannine’s Potato Reset group coaching sessions were a phenomenal way to help keep me accountable. The small group setting created a close-knit, engaging, and supportive environment. Jeannine was also very approachable and provided a great deal of motivation and materials to help me achieve my goals. After the first week, I was able to decipher my genuine hunger cues versus my emotional hunger. By the end of the coaching sessions, I was able to hit a massive goal of mine—onederland! I had not seen the 100’s in almost a decade! I highly recommend this program if you want to reset your body’s natural state of hunger, transform your taste buds, and lose weight! Power to the potato!”



After discovering Jeannine's YouTube channel last summer, I went back and binged-watched every video; next I signed up for her Potato Group Coaching. Despite the fact that I am usually a self-starter and do most challenges on my own, I thought it would be fun and motivating to be part of this special group... and it was!  She was always so supportive and encouraging to all of us.  We had weekly assignments and were also encouraged to share our particular struggles and questions. Not only did we have Jeanine's help but also each other's as we all had something special to offer to one another. A wonderful experience!

Andrea G


Jeannine's coaching is the best!  I love the small group video chats where we can ask questions and find solutions to things that trip me up along the journey.  Cooking videos are great.  Her videos are just like real life...and I like that!  No judgments, just support and tips to get me healthy!  Thank you

If you decide to enroll in The Potato Reset: Guided Group Coaching Intensive you understand and agree to the following.

I understand that Jeannine Elder is not a medical professional and cannot give medical advice or prescribe treatment. I understand that Jeannine’s coaching provides motivation, accountability and education based on her personal experience.  I understand that The Potato Reset can compliment my medical care and that it is not a substitute for diagnosis, treatment, or care of disease by a medical professional.

I understand that if I’m under the care of a medical professional or currently use any prescription medication, that t should discuss any dietary changes with my doctor. I understand that Jeannine does not recommend discontinuing any prescription medications without first consulting my doctor.

Payments and Refunds
I understand that in order to reserve a coaching session I must pay the full coaching fee and that there are no refunds for coaching services.