21 Day Potato Reset – December 2017

WHEN: Monday December 4th -  Sunday December 24th

WHERE: The Potato Reset Facebook group

The Potato Reset program was created to help you reset your tastebuds and slim down while eating one of the most satisfying foods on the planet: the potato. In addition to potatoes we consume non-starchy vegetables to add color, flavor, texture and extra vitamins. 

This challenge is free to anyone who would like to join. While it’s not mandatory, it would be helpful to have The Potato Reset Weight Loss & Recipe Guide handy.  Or download the free Jumpstart Guide.

Here’s some steps to take before
starting the 21 Day Reset:

1. Join the Facebook group
If you haven’t already, request to join The Potato Reset Facebook group. I will be posting there daily along with many other spuddies during the challenge.

2. Write down your WHY 
Write down 5 reasons  “why” you want to participate in The 21 Day Potato Reset. Hang this on the fridge, wall or somewhere you will read it daily. I'd love it if you could share with me your WHY in this 1 minute survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FJGKZKT

3. Take your measurements
Sometime this weekend, take note of your measurements: chest, waist and hips. I like to make notes that will help me remember how to measure exactly the same as before. For example, I like to measure my waist 4 fingers above my bellybutton, and my hips where the logo is on my yoga pants, and my chest I measure with the air emptied from my lungs.

4. Take your weight (optional)
Weigh yourself first thing in the morning the day before starting or day of, before showering, drinking or eating. Note the time, what you were wearing (or not wearing), and if you have or haven’t had a bowel movement.  

5. Take your before picture
Take a front and side photo of yourself in a full length mirror, wearing minimal clothing such as a sports bra and shorts, or fitted clothing such as leggings/yoga pants and a snug t-shirt.

6. Print off the Guidelines sheet 
I have made available to you the Guidelines sheet from the eBook for those don't yet have a copy of my spudtacular eBook. Download and print off the guidelines which outlines everything you are allowed to eat on the plan, click here to download. 

7. Check in with the Facebook group daily
I will be posting daily prompts for you to report in what your menu is for the day and to share any struggles or wins you had that day. I'll also be doing weekly live videos to answer any questions you may have (dates TBA).  If you need email reminders to visit the Facebook group, please sign up below to be put on the reminders email list.