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This video breaks down what The Potato Reset is, how long it should be done and you are allowed to eat while on the plan.
In this video I batch cook 15 lbs of potatoes for The Potato Reset. I show a few ways to batch cook so that you can easily store in your fridge and turn them into mashed potato fries, crispy smashed wedges, potato crust pizza, shredded hash browns and smash hash (aka spider hash).
This is what I made out of 15 pounds of precooked potatoes. Mashed Potato Toasties, Smash Hash Browns, Potato Croutons, Smashed Wedges, Shredded Hash Browns and Nacho Cheese Fries!
How I got into it in the first place.
This is a full playlist of my experience eating only potatoes and minimal fat free sauces for an entire month in January 2020.
2017 Potato Playlist, the beginning of my journey: I started out eating only potatoes with minimal fat free sauces, then added in veggies and eventually fruit and other whole plant foods.