My 2020 Weight Loss Progress (Jan – Oct)

I’ve been getting a lot of messages from friends and followers eager to know how much weight I’ve lost so far this year. It’s been a while since I’ve done a weight update so it was overdue!

I reached a new milestone and it was very timely as I had just received a shipment of sports bras to try on and review. My old sports bras were loose and not giving me any support whatsoever (#weightlossproblems #thataregoodtohave). Enter Yvette Sports! They asked me if they could send me products for review so I did some snooping around and saw that they are a very body positive company that makes sports wear for all shapes and sizes.

I was impressed that they asked me to do a review, me, a woman who is in her 40’s with loose skin, wrinkles, stretch marks and with some excess flub hanging around.

Today’s video I share my honest review of their products and how much weight I’ve lost in 2020.

If you want to try out Yvette for yourself, use the code POTATO for 15% off

Here’s a list of the specific products I reviewed:
My size for reference: Bras and tank tops in M. Leggings are in L
Power Back (blue)
Flee (black)
Enfold Zip Front Strappy (white)
Shift Light Mesh (black)
Sculpt Racerback
Shift Light High Waist Leggings (black)

3 thoughts on “My 2020 Weight Loss Progress (Jan – Oct)

  1. Wow Jeanine
    I’m totally blown away with your amazing weight loss!
    You look like you ‘feel happy and good about yourself’ Looking forward to losing more
    weight and getting back to the calory density – Sometimes I just feel stuck. Just need a
    little (lot) of positive thinking and get back on the wagon – I have lost a good amount of weight but I’ve plateauxed (don’t know how to spell that word… I know I will with a little help from your ebook. A thousand thanks for what you have achieved and what you teach others.

    Regards from Barbara from the U.K

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